Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spin ID Winnners

The Wheel of Fortune TV Show confirmed that employees will not answer the question: Which Wheel of Fortune Spin ID winners won today?  After the Wheel Watchers Spin ID is shown on national TV for a few seconds, employees of the Wheel of Fortune TV show will not give this information out.  Spin ID winners will not be able to get this information from Wheel of Fortune or Sony employees. You can view the Spin ID winners, prize puzzle trip, and bonus puzzle at Spin ID for Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Winners
You only have 24 hours to claim your
Wheel of Fortune TV Show Wheel Watchers Spin ID Prize
Sign up today for your subscription and make sure you can claim your Spin ID prize within the 24 hour limit

Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Winner
 for Saturday February 12, 2011
Spin ID: Linda S. of Ohio
Trip to: Hawaii
Bonus Round Puzzle: Indulge Yourself

Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Winner
 for Friday February 11, 2011
Spin ID: Muhammad S. of New York
Trip to: Puerto Rico
Bonus Round Puzzle: Expert Advice

Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Winner
 for Thursday February 10, 2011
Spin ID: KG04166
Trip to: Costa Rica
Bonus Round Puzzle: In a Jiffy

Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Winner
 for Wednesday February 9, 2011
Spin ID: DS9470795 Dana S. of Arizona
Trip to: Mazatlan, Mexico
Bonus Round Puzzle:  Noisy Neighbor

Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Winner
 for Tuesday February 8, 2011
Spin ID: LS02475 Lavita S. of Missouri
Trip to: Winter Park, CO
Bonus Round Puzzle: Drawbridge

Wheel of Fortune Spin ID Winner
 for Monday February 7, 2011
Spin ID: AF1791115 Aaron F of New York
Trip to: New York City
Bonus Round Puzzle: Pour it on


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